Training Plan

Goals: Self-Mastery; enduring mental focus; maximize duration and efficiency of studying and research. Develop the ability to direct my attention at will and avoid distracting emotions, behaviors, and people, while maintaining friendships and social connections.


6:30 AM Sit every morning

9:00 AM Swim

10:00 AM GRE study with other students

11:00 AM research until 6 pm or later, if focus is strong.

9:00 PM light yoga, bedtime tea, turn off all electronics beside alarm clock

10:00 PM play recorded sleep-inducing meditation

Sit every time my mind wanders into a habitual process (for instance facebook) that is distracting. My physics studies are part of my practice, so when I become distracted from studying I will sit for 5 minutes in order to check the urge to distract myself.

I will enter this into a Google spreadsheet so that I can track my progress. Must have a method for tracking daily experiences.


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