Global warming: Solved.

It’s nice to know there is something that mankind can do to stop global warming, besides freak out that we are dependent on an energy system that we can’t change (or reverse) in the way needed to prevent catastrophes.

Thinking along these lines provides me with hope for the future–that is, that it is possible to reduce the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere directly by increasing the uptake of carbon by plants–and that it is possible to do this using simple methods, albeit implemented on a very large scale.

Not that this takes the burden off of humanity to stop pulling carbon out of the depths of the earth and throwing it directly into the atmosphere. If we don’t stop using fossil fuels, their use will continue to damage our lungs from breathing polluted air, local environments from chemical and oil spills and the side effects of drilling and refining, and the global environment through global warming.

I’ve long known that fossil fuels are a bad thing in general, but have felt powerless in changing the ways of billions of oil consumers. Thankfully there are solutions to this problem, and gradual progress is being made all around us.


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