Minding physics

This is a blog initiated as my outlet for discoveries and thoughts occurring in my experiments with minding and physics. By minding, I mean the process of thought, observation, and the meditative practices used to clarify this process; and by physics I mean the application of mathematics and other familiar academic pursuits in describing and expanding our awareness of the natural world.

As made clear through the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, the observer is not independent of the observed. But what is the observer?

Zen philosophy and practice focuses on this important aspect of the human experience: that the observer is also the observed. Yet the lens of observation is, roughly, what we have labeled “the self” or “me.” Therefore one should probably learn a bit about ones optical system before using it to claim understanding of the object of investigation (i.e. everything outside of the mind, although “outside the mind” is only a convenient use of words).

With that, welcome to my mind, and welcome to my blog.